Cultural Education

kwanjula is a Luganda word basically means to introduce.

It is a day when the bride to be introduces her future husband and his people who escort him to her parents and relatives. This tradition is not only followed in the Ganda culture, but most if not all tribes (cultures) in Uganda have a similar ceremony which signifies that particular cultural requirements. Kwanjula is very important and it carries high honor in the Buganda as in many other cultures for the woman’s parents to get to know the man who is to marry their daughter. During the ceremony, a lot of questions are asked and the future husband must prove that he is man enough not only to marry but protect and provide for her and any future family.When doing introduction or bride negotiation ceremonies of this kind, the future husband’s family or himself make this trip to visit the future wife’s family to officially request for the woman’s parents permission to marry their daughter. It is one of the most culturally colorful displays of the richness of Ganda’s cultural traditions “o'bulombolombo. When everything is said and done, presents are given to the bride’s parents and other family members. Finally, the last request from the groom is to become part of his bride’s family. This is called: “O’kuzalibwa mulujja”, simply means to become a son in law. It is at this time the future bride’s parents can break or accept the man’s proposal to marry their daughter. If the future husband requirements are acceptable then a wedding date is set and communicated. When the groom’s side leaves in the evening before sunset after a huge feast, the bride stays at her parent’s home until the wedding day morning when she is picked up in another brief ceremony.

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