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    Ensuring a Brighter Future for Ugandan Street Children through Higher Education



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President's Message


-- A Million Welcomes!

The mission of the Ugandan Community in Greater Chicago is to nurture and strengthen the Ugandan culture and heritage through programs emphasizing Ugandan music, literature, drama, traditional dancing and constructive contributions to enable more balance, harmony and excellence in life.
A sneak view of our vision is challenging and we believe we shall get there. We have plans of a Ugandan American Heritage Center to provide the best of Ugandan culture through arts, history, education, dance and social outlets. We welcome all the ideas and support we can get.
Last but not least, Thank you to our many passionate volunteers, our Executive, and our dedicated Board of Directors that help our mission as a non-profit organization, enhancing the quality of life of our members and those in the community. Please click here to help us reach our goals.
Thank you and Happy 2017 :) (Monica K. Tindimubona- UCIGC President) 


(UCIGC Children  receiving Christmas gifts from the Chairman Board of Directors)

Who We Are

Uganda Community in Greater Chicago, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 community-based organization that promotes Cultural, Social, Sports, Health, Economic and Educational Participation and Empowerment of the Ugandan Immigrants in Greater Chicago.


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Our Goal


·        Build leadership and organizational capacity of the youth in the community.

·        Ensure that Ugandan immigrants and their offspring and others have an active role in multiple cultural educational arenas.

·        Promote community development and access to social services.

·        Serve as a viable model of culture educational unity and action development.

·        Support youth and children’s integration in a diverse society.·Advance education and cultural awareness.


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Cultural Education

Ugandan Drum

Cultural Day 2016

Traditional Kanzu

Annual Picnic 2016

UCiGC Celebrations